damage to the kidneys

Kidney the bean shaped organ in our body id one of the most effective detoxification agent in nature and therefore it is imperative that we keep it in good condition. Here are some rare diseases that can affect the kidney and may lead to kidney failure.


It mainly affects the liver of the patient but can affect the kidneys as well. It is caused by the build up of bile in one’s liver, causing scarring and damaging of the kidney. When certain wastes are not removed ny the liver excess strain is exerted on the kidney and this may lead to kidney failure.


It is caused by problems with three genes in one’s body which results in the incorrect growth of kidneys. This leads to expulsion of blood in urine and can cause chronic kidney disease.

damage to the kidneys


It causes the build up of proteins called amyloids that form clumps inside one’s organs and tissues causing damage. Primary amyloidosis can cause kidney disease while dialysis related amyloidosis causes damage by being on dialysis for a very long time.


This is caused when a component of protein called cysteine builds up in the body cells. It is generally passed on from parents to children through the CTNS gene.


Fabry disease causes a build up of fat that causes the body’s cells. The build up of fat can cause stroke and kidney disease which can ultimately lead to kidney failure. It is caused by a gene mutation and is passed down from parents to children.


Kidneys removes and filters through fine filters called glomeruli. It is a type of kidney disease that damage these glomeruli and renders the kidney incapable of removal of wastes.


It is a problem of the immune system that affects the kidney and lungs. It attacks the glomeruli of the kidney and causes chronic kidney damage. If not treated early it can lead to death.


It is caused when a part of the kidney’s filter called tubules become swollen. It only happens for a short time or chronic, and last for several weeks or months. It is often an allergy to some medicine. Chronic cases are very few in number and can cause kidney failure. Often it treated by abstaining from the medicine that one is allergic to.


This disease causes damage to the small filters of the kidney. The exact cause is unknown and is suspected to be tumors, infections, and allergy. It can cause swelling, weight gain, high blood pressure and foamy urine. Relapses are common for this disease.
These are some of the rare diseases that can harm the kidneys.

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